Week 90 – Happy Mother’s Day

Once again happy Mother’s day to my wonderful mother. Nothing would be the same without her!

The week was pretty normal, working hard to bring salvation to souls. I will share about one particular family which we are working with that I am excited about. We have been working with Thato and Nomfundiso now for a couple of weeks. This last Sunday was their first week at church. Which was really really a blessing for us. They had a great experience and they plan on coming back which is the most exciting part!

Of course, a great highlight of the week was that I got to Skype home which was really great! Not too much else to say, other than things are great!

Elder Bozer

Pictures attached: A view of one part of my area.


Week 89 -Referrals, Referrals

It was a great week here in Somerset West!

We have been up to the usual missionary work, and all that it consists of. One particular thing that we have been doing is working closely with our recent converts in the Ward. We have been really pushing to get referrals from 3 particular recent converts. We gave them the challenge to come up with about 10 referrals for each of us, in exchange we would give them some nice cookies baked by myself. So far we have been receiving a wonderful amount of referrals, and most of them have been contacted by the member and the member sets up a time for us to see their friend with them. We just started this initiative last week but we have already had two powerful lessons with new investigators this week because of it.

In these 2 lessons, we were able to meet 2 friends of the Recent converts. Robyn and Lulu. Both lessons were very good. One especially, with Lulu. As we taught her she clearly looked as though she did not believe a single word we said. In the end, we asked her to share he thoughts. She emphatically expressed, “I don’t believe it!” Not angry or anything, but anyways she continued, by saying,”if this is true then why is there suffering in the world?” In Preach My Gospel we are taught that the Book of Mormon can answer questions of the soul such as these and we were able to turn to the Book of Mormon to answer her question. She does not completely understand what the Book of Mormon is, but she was able to receive an answer to her question. She knew what we read was true and it made sense! At the end of the lesson, we asked her again to share her thoughts, and she changed her answer to, “I relate a lot to what you have shared with me” Quite a difference and evidence of the power of the Book of Mormon.

One interesting thing that I get to do in this new area of mine, is every other week I get to drive u to a place called Hermanus, for a district meeting. It is roughly about a 1-hour drive. Beautiful drive though. The other elders in my district live and work there so every week we trade off who comes where for district meetings.

The reason why I am emailing on a Tuesday and not on the usual Monday is that yesterday we had the wonderful experience of having our Zone Conference. This was a special zone conference where 2 members of the 70 came and visited us. First, it was Elder Palmer, he is in the area presidency and recently gave a general conference talk. The second was Elder Brent H. Nielson. The executive director of the missionary department. It was a wonderful experience having them both there and share wonderful insights with us. I will probably get to send the picture next week. We also had a wonderful dinner provided which is always a bonus.

I don’t really have pictures this week, the only picture I have is one I randomly took which is a view from our flat. Not too exciting I know ūüôā

Elder Bozer


Week 88 – Hello Somerset

A week of changes, new area, new city, and a new companion.

On Tuesday evening I began my travel to East London from Queenstown. I got to have dinner with a family that used to feed us when I was serving in East London so that was pretty sweet! On Wednesday I even got to see my recent convert, Xola, before I flew to Cape Town! (picture attached) It was pretty cool seeing old faces!

I arrived on Wednesday evening in Cape Town to my new area. By the time I actually got to my area it was pretty late so I did not get to see anything until Thursday.

My new area is pretty different than Ilinge. It is a suburban area. It reminds me a lot of my old area Tableview which was also in Cape Town.

All is well this side, not much else to say.

Elder Bozer

Week 87 – Goodbye Illinge

All this week I kinda felt that I was going to be transferred. I could sense it coming. Well, I was right because on Wednesday I will be flying back to Cape Town where I will most likely serve the remainder of my mission. Unless something crazy happens. My new companion is named Elder Macamo. I do not know much about him, I have never met him. All I know is that he goes home at the end of the transfer. So for sure, I will only be with him for one transfer.

We had a pretty powerful week in Illinge. We were able to find a good amount of new investigators to replenish our pool. We didn’t have too many lessons this week, but hopefully, that will change now since we have more investigators.

My new area is called Somerset West. It is a pretty dramatic change. Illinge is not the most “wealthiest” place, but Somerset West is one of the wealthiest areas in the mission. Things will be different and new lessons will be learned.

Sunday was our Ward conference and the Illinge chapel was packed! So many people came, less-actives galore, it was nuts. It was a great Sunday to finish things off!

Well, that was my week. Next update will be from Cape Town.

Elder Bozer

Week 86 – Amahle and Samkelo

Well, a couple of key things happened this week which I will highlight.

1) This week I was able to go on an exchange with my former companion Elder Allred. We were working in his area, seeing many different people. I attached a picture of us with one of his members who fed us a very nice lunch of fried fish, potato salad, carrots with onions, and rice.

2) We got to take our car in for service to fix the air conditioning which has been broken for about 2 months. They fixed it in a couple of hours. That evening we realized that our lights were no longer working, as we investigated it further we found that they did not plug the lights back in. I plugged them back in and they worked! I am glad to now have an operating air conditioner just in time for winter, haha!

3) One of our members invited us over to braii corn with him. It was pretty nice, we got to eat some braiied corn. Picture attached.

4) Our work this week (which I don’t always expound on because it is very similar on a weekly basis) culminated into one powerful Sunday. We were blessed to have two baptisms, one confirmation, and one of our recent converts received the priesthood this week! The two baptisms were two young men, Amahle and Samkelo. They are powerful young men, they have both nearly finished 2 Nephi, which is very impressive for their age!

5) One teaching experience I had this week involved a man by the surname of Gcizinathi. It is always an intense experience teaching him, he will dissect everything we say. This was the second time teaching him, we taught him about the Book of Mormon and it was very interesting. We had to be very bold with him otherwise, he would take everything over. It is hard to explain what happened through email but we can say it was a good but intense experience.

Elder Bozer

Week 85 – Working with the President

So it was a relatively hectic week.

The first bit of interesting news is that on Tuesday, President Lebethoa, our mission president, came with us into our area to work with us. This is the first time this has ever happened to me and it was a bit unexpected. We were told that he would be coming with us the day previous. It was a powerful experience being able to work with him for a couple of hours in Illinge. We did not have any set appointments, but we did get to talk with many people.

Also, this week we had our interviews with the President Lebethoa along with our Zone Conference. Both were powerful and spiritually uplifting experiences. In Zone Conference, we talking about the importance of talking with everyone and the importance of working with members. We focused greatly on working with members, and how members play a vital role in missionary work. Without members, missionary work would be doomed.

During the course of this week, I realized that it has roughly been 2 years since I received my call to labor in the Cape Town, South Africa Mission. It has been a thrilling experience being here.

Last but not least I had the wonderful opportunity to watch general conference this weekend. Because Illinge is where it is and limited technology we were not able to watch general conference live with the exception of the solemn assembly. Luckily we got to watch every session. Each session was powerful and great. There are great things happening in the work of the Lord!

Well onto next week!

Elder Bozer


Week 84 – Easter Sunday

This week was a pretty nice week. Things get hard at least in Illinge over the Holiday times, people usually party too hard in this area. Because of that, we made sure to work hard during the week.

During the week we met some really nice people. We were able to to see the lady named Zandile again whom I mentioned last week. We had another powerful lesson with here, and she was very eager to read the Book of Mormon. I see great things coming from her.

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the first session of General Conference live. It was a spirit-filled experience to participate in the Solemn Assembly. We are hoping we can watch a rebroadcast of the rest of the sessions next weekend. Seems like great things are yet to come!

Well anyways I think that is all for the week, this coming week seems like it will be a hectic one. So that will be fun!

Elder Bozer


Week 83 – An Explosive Week


We had a pretty great week, full of great things!

Even though we are blessed with a car, what Elder Khoza and I have been doing is getting out of our car and walking around the streets of Illinge, talking with as many people as possible. A common problem that we run into is that we find people who do not speak English, and on the other hand if it is the weekend we find many many drunk people, which as much as we would love to witness a change from them, it really isn’t the best situation to talk to them.

We did find some really cool people this week though, one who I will mention is a lady named Zandile. Zandile is a rare find here in Illinge. First, she speaks perfect English, second, she actually held her appointment! It was a fantastic lesson that we had, we got to teach according to her needs and she seemed genuine in what she said.

A big highlight of the week was the baptism of Mpumezo. Mpumezo is a great young man who is very smart. It has been a joy to be able to work with him and see his progression. I had the wonderful opportunity to baptize him. The young men program here is the best in the world, I have seen nothing like it. All the young men are unified and also participate in missionary work. The young men are the largest auxiliary here in Illinge with at least 20 or so young men. On Saturday we went to pick up a fellowshipper who was one of the young men at our chapel. There we found all the young men cleaning the chapel so that it would be ready for Sunday. Mpumezo, the young man who got baptized was also there vacuuming the carpets.

Another interesting experience that I had this week, on Saturday evening as we were driving back from our area to Queenstown our front left tire exploded! It was unexpected, we must have had a bad tire or something. Luckily it all ended up fine, we changed the tire and went on our way. But the tire did not survive, it is finished for sure.

Elder Bozer

Week 82 – Transfer Week

Transfer week! This transfer round I was unaffected, Both Elder Khoza and I are staying so we had a normal week. The only thing that changed is that the other area got a new missionary. A brand new elder from Jamaica came in and he gets to be trained this side. His name is Elder Medley.

This week otherwise was pretty run-of-the-mill. We were going to give service to a member, Brother Eric, at his brickyard, but it rained the day before so it was too muddy for us to work.

We have been working with a young man named Mpumezo for a while now, and he is now ready for baptism! He was interviewed and he passed. His baptism will be this coming Sunday! Very excited for this guy!

Also, we had the chance to interview a young man named Sada. He is an awesome young man, he will be baptized next week! Our district will be doing great things next week.

We also had a ward activity on Saturday that was great, the only thing is that everything here runs on “African” time so it always starts late and ends late. It was supposed to start at 1 and end at 3 but it ended up starting at 2 and ending at 6 ūüôā

That was our week!

Elder Bozer

Week 81 – Staying Put in Illinge

This week was a pretty good week! Pretty normal as well. The first thing I got to do this week was I got to go on an exchange with Elder Burns. Pretty powerful guy, it was a great learning experience.

It rained a ton this week so it made it hard to find people to teach because everyone was hiding and plus a ton of people just have metal roofs so when it is raining it is just about impossible to hear anything. But we were able to manage to find a pretty cool lady from Lesuthu, that just moved to our area for work reasons. She seems like she is genuinely interested. Her name was Seithati.

We had an interesting day this week where we went and visited a ton of people whom we were asked to go see, all less active people. All of them could not speak a bit of English. So I got to sit there awkwardly while my companion spoke to them.

Another interesting thing is that I got transfer news and I am staying another transfer in Illinge, pretty predictable since I haven’t been here for too long! What is even more interesting is that in my district there will now be a Jamaican elder being trained! So that is pretty cool. I will be able to go on exchanges with him and what not. I have never seen or heard of a Jamaican elder serving here in South Africa. So that is cool.

Update on the Ndiki family: while I was still in East London, we found and began to teach the Ndiki family. We were driving down this beaten road in a pretty far out township. We get out of the car and this lady calls us over. This lady used to work at an internet cafe that the missionaries use for email, so she recognized us. She invited us over, and when we went to teach we found that it was an entire family of 7! That is a pretty rare thing to come by in this part of the world. As we began to teach them we realized that they were truly prepared. Somehow they had already gotten a hold of a Book of Mormon and read some of it, but they weren’t sure what it was. They had a church movie that they didn’t remember where they got it from. They were eager to learn the message that we shared. They accepted the invitation to be baptized pretty early on.

The father of the family had some things he needed to work on but he was the one who became truly committed to the gospel. The family their whole lives had been used to going to a more happy-clappy style church, so when they first went to the church they were a bit thrown off. However, the father was so committed that he made sure everyone didn’t give up right away. They all saw the difference in the father, and it solidified their testimony. Well, they were recently baptized and I thought I would share it with you all!

That was my week!

Elder Bozer