Week 73 – 1 Week, 4 Tires

It feels as though I just emailed, time is flying by!

I will share a few things this week:

An update on our investigator Unathi, he is progressing well, he should be baptized in the coming weeks. He is always excited to see us and learn more about the gospel, and he has been coming to church!

I had the opportunity to go on an exchange in an area called Ezibeleni, and the interesting part is that I got to go with my previous companion Elder Allred. It was a great exchange!

Something interesting I got to eat this week was something called Mphokoqo. I don’t know how to explain it, but it is interesting. The texture was very difficult to swallow.

On Sunday there was a bit of rain, but a ton of lightning and the lighting was striking all over Illinge. Very loud thunder, it even destroyed some trees in the area. Also on Sunday we once again destroyed another one of our tires, I am not sure how, but we did. We just repaired the other 3 tires 2 days before!

That was my great week!

Elder Bozer



Week 72 – Happy New Year

I can not believe that it is already 2018. It is crazy how time flies. It feels like it just became 2017 a couple of months ago!

The beginning of the year is always the most exciting time for a missionary in the Cape Town Mission. It is a time to raise your vision, work harder, and generally more people will listen to you. So all in all the start of the year is the best.

This week in Illinge has been a busy one. We are going out and trying our best to teach as many people as possible. We have been very lucky to keep busy. Our area is blessed with members who are so willing to come work with us. Every day we have a member who comes with us the entire day and helps us in the work. Sometimes we will take 2 and go on splits and accomplish double the work.

I also had the wonderful opportunity of going on an exchange to an area called Sada. The area is very much similar to ours. Same feel. Illinge and Sada are very much connected in their histories. The history behind these two wards is pretty cool. It started with Illinge. A couple of decades ago, a senior couple working in Queenstown would go to Illinge every day and just sit there in their car. They did this for weeks. They didn’t know why they just felt like they should. Every day as they would sit in their car there would be a young boy herding sheep past them. After weeks of seeing these two strange white people sitting in his village, he approaches them and asks why there are there. They explain to them that they are church people, and so this young boy then introduces them to a local pastor for a church in Illinge.

The senior couple had the opportunity of teaching this pastor about the restored gospel and this man eventually got baptized. Along with him, his whole congregation ended up getting baptized as well! Thus started the Illinge Ward. A bit later on a family who had joined the church moved to another village an hour or so away in Sada. They still wanted to live the gospel so they started doing everything themselves. Once a leader of the church from Illinge discovered they were doing this, they made plans to organize a proper branch so they could do things the right way. It is a pretty cool history!

I am very much enjoying my time in Illinge, it is great to be a missionary.

Elder Bozer

Week 71 – Raising Our Vision

Happy New Year!

We had a wonderful week! As the new year approaches it is the best time to work even harder than before.

I am not sure if I have mentioned it, but I am now the District Leader in my district, and this week in District Meeting we were able to talk about Consulting with the Lord when setting goals, and raising our vision. Elder Latu and I have really been trying to apply these principles into our work, I will share a small experience on how we are doing this.

Usually, this area has been getting 10 lessons per week with investigators, we decided to raise our vision and set a goal to get 25! Quite a lofty goal. Well at beginning of Sunday we were sitting at 19 lessons with investigators.We could have been complacent and told our selves that it is far above what this area usually has, but we prayed and asked God to help us in reaching our goal. We then were prompted to take 2 fellow shippers with us and go teach! When we reunited, we learned we hit the 6 lessons we needed to bring the total up to 25 lessons! We are now trying to push this momentum over to this week and year!

Well, we had Christmas this week which was great! We didn’t do too much but we were able to gather as a zone and have a Christmas Braii! We weren’t allowed to work on Christmas, so that was that!

An update on Unathi whom I mentioned last week! He is doing very well, he came to church once again and he says he plans to keep coming! He is loving the gospel!

A cool experience for the week, the Bishop’s son came home from the bush this week, this is a traditional thing that happens here in South Africa for Xhosa people, it is the way that a young man becomes a man, I will leave it at that. I got to see him the day before he got back and we were invited to the ceremony the next day for when he returned, the ceremony was done all in Xhosa, but they fed us a nice lunch so that was great!

Also during the week I was told I needed to go on an emergency exchange, an elder from that area is going home because he broke he leg, so I got to spend a day in another area called Mlungisi

Well, that was my week, time to grind even more in this new year! Can’t wait to see the miracles that come in 2018!

Elder Bozer

Week 70 – Arrived in Illinge

This past week has been quite the transition. I have moved from East London 3rd ward which is a very suburban area to Illinge which is a small Xhosa village in the mountains. It is very different and I am taking time to adjust to it. Most people in my new area have a limited English vocabulary so that is something I will have to work around. All in all, though, it has been a smooth transition and an exciting one as well.

On Tuesday I left East London and drove 2 1/2 hours to Queenstown the place I will be living. I had to drive there with no map or GPS, just following signs until I got there.

Since I have been here in Illinge, I have had many experiences. We found a man named Unathi. Unathi expressed to us that he had been distracted and away from God for a while, but recently, he has had a change of heart. We taught him, and he is very humble and wise. He even came to church this past Sunday.

It also rained one day of the week, and since 80% of the roads we drive on are dirt, we were driving around in the mud. It was quite crazy, several times we slid as we drove around, but luckily we did not get stuck.

We had only one hour of church this week, but after our church meeting, the ward had a ward picnic where we all sat around and ate food.

Well, that was my week, I am still adjusting, so many things have gone over my head, but it was a wonderful week.

Elder Bozer


Week 69 – Off to Illinge

Well, transfer news came in and it is time for me to leave East London! It wasn’t a surprise, I was pretty sure that I was leaving. But what is a surprise is that both Elder Allred and myself are leaving. The ward was very shocked to hear.

I will now be assigned to serve in the Ilinge ward. Close to Queenstown. This will be a very different area for me which makes me excited. What is exciting about moving to a new area is that you get to learn a lot in each area you go to. What is sad is that you have to leave all the people you got to know for the last 6 months. But that is mission life.

That was the exciting part of this week, other than that it was a bunch of goodbyes!

Elder Bozer

Week 68 – The Baptism of Xola

This was an awesome week. We had many things going on and we were busy!


On Monday we got to tour the Mercedes Benz Plant, I didn’t get to take pictures of inside the plant because it is “top secret” but it was super cool. It was pretty much all robots doing all the work. Robots are taking over the world!

Last week I mentioned that we found our investigator’s (Xola) dog. Well the dog is now safely back in his possession.

We also had our interviews with our mission president, President Lebethoa. He is a powerful man and a great example to all of us.

We had a zone conference this week as well, we received instruction on how to better track our work, and also we received a training on how to budget, now and after the mission. It was very nice.

On Sunday we were blessed to have the baptism of Xola. He was super prepared and he will be a powerful member of the church for sure. I had the opportunity of baptizing him, he was very excited and it was an amazing experience for the both of us.

Until next week,

Elder Bozer

Week 67 – We Found Him

This week seemed to fly by! Don’t know how but it did.

First off we have some good investigators we are working with I will just mention a few.
Xola is awesome and he should be baptized this week or the following, but either way, he is ready! He has a firm testimony, and I can see he will really go places
It is hard to find a father led family here in Africa, it is a real shame, but the Ndiki family is different! They have been married for 21 years and have 5 KIDS! It is amazing, and they all live in a “fancy shack”. There is great love in that humble home, we have met them 3 times, and they love to have us over, the problem will be getting them to church…
Anyways, we also had some cool things happen this week,
On Monday we went fishing on a members property and I got a 1KG fish which was cool. I would send pictures but I left my camera in the car and I can not get to it, but next week.
We also had a pretty funny experience as well. about 2 or 3 weeks ago, our investigator Xola’s puppy got kidnapped and stolen. It was a shame because it was such a nice puppy. We told him we would try our best to find it. Well this Sunday, we found him at a less active member home. It was a miracle! Xola and his dog will be reunited soon.
That was my wonderful week!
Elder Bozer
1. All of us at the Mercedes Benz Plant
2. Brother Luluma
3. Chester the Dog
4. Nice Meal from the Delports

Week 66 – Thanksgiving in South Africa

We had a wonderful week, teaching many new people. We had the opportunity of running into a lady who invited us to teach her and her husband. Her husband is blind, he got sick last year and lost his sight. We were able to teach them the first lesson and it was great!

Thanksgiving is not an African thing, so our Thanksgiving wasn’t that of an American Thanksgiving. One of our senior couples in our area made some nice Thanksgiving sandwiches which we got to eat on Monday, so that was very nice. However, Black Friday is for sure a thing here, and traffic was crazy on Friday with many shoppers trying to get some deals!

I got to go on a companion exchange on Saturday with Elder Shaw, he is from Idaho. It was nice, I stayed in my area, it is always nice to learn from various elders within the mission.

On Sunday we got to attend the rebroadcast of Elder Oaks and Elder Ballard’s Face to Face for YSA. It was very nice. Also, at church we had some awesome investigators and less active members attend. There is one less active lady who I have been working with for the last 5 months or so. She finally came to church and she brought a friend which was sweet!

Well, it was a wonderful week! It is almost December which means the #LightTheWorld initiative will start on Friday, remember to go to Mormon.org to find the 25 ways we can be a light to the world.

Elder Bozer


Week 65 – Summer Rain

Hello everyone,

All is well in East London, South Africa. The week was pretty normal I guess you could say.  Here is an update on the people we are sharing the message with and their progress:
Xola – Xola is amazing and powerful. He has progressed through everything and has been coming to church consistently. He is very prepared so much so that his initial date of baptism on December 10th has been moved to December 3rd! I am very excited for him.

Avuyile – Because of school Avuyile has been quite busy with final exams and all of that fun stuff. But, we were able to see him once this week. He is not progressing as well as I would hope, but since his exams are over, hopefully things begin to pick up.

David – David is awesome when it comes to keeping commitments. He is doing very well in his reading. He is extremely smart. He is working on preparing for baptism, but he has a way to go.

The week otherwise was pretty normal. It rained a ton here this week. Luckily since it is summer season the rain keeps away the heat. But at the same time, the rain makes it hard to get everything done.

We had our area broadcast this Sunday which was very nice. All in all the week was a good one.

Elder Bozer

Week 64 – Shaking Hands With a Monkey

We had a wonderful week! Lots of great things happened.

First I will give an update on some of the prominent investigators.

Avuyile – It is final exam time this time of year so he has been pretty busy, but we were able to still meet with him and go over the Strength of Youth booklet, and explain some values to live by before baptism. He is doing well. After exams are over I think he will move along a bit faster.

Xola – He is awesome! Very committed! We were able to meet with him twice this week and go over some commandments to live by so he could be baptized, he really had no problem with any of it so that is great! He is reading consistently from the Book of Mormon and he is loving it! He is on track to be baptized December 10th.

David – David is a very committed man, it may take him a long time to get to the end because of some issues he needs to work out in his life, but he is making the changes needed! He reads and studies a ton!

Ganduri Family – This family is still doing well, they read the Book of Mormon we left them which is important! They brought up baptism themselves, and committed to working towards it!

Van Rooyen Family – We had a powerful lesson with them this week, all about the Plan of Salvation. They realized at the end of it, that they needed to be baptized. They also came to church again, so everything with them is doing well. They are super nice! They even gave us a tour of their home. We organized them to join us with another family from the ward for a nice Braii!

Crazy East London Zoo – For P-Day this week we visited the East London Zoo, i is known for being a bit sketchy, and run down, and those statements were very true, but at the same time, it made it pretty enjoyable. Some notable events were being face-to-face with a lion, shaking hands with a monkey, and a chimpanzee tried to kill us. When we got to the Chimp exhibit, he started hurling rocks at us. Luckily the Chimp has poor aim, so we were fine.

Service for Duncan – On Saturday we had the opportunity to give service to one of our recent converts. We just did some work on his family’s property, clearing things, digging, cutting, etc. It was great!

That is all for this week,

Elder Bozer