This week was nice.

Monday I couldn’t do all that much, so Elder Reynolds, Elder Kruse, and myself drove up and drove down this huge tunnel and at the end of it, there were some pretty great sights. We then had lunch at this restaurant and we each got a 1/2 kilo burger. Quite atrocious. We ended our Monday with the Du FHE, which is great fun as usual. It keeps on getting bigger as time goes on. Soon we will need a bigger place to meet!

Tuesday we had our final zone conference with President Merril. He leaves in July. Pretty great.

Wednesday I had the wonderful opportunity to remove the stitches from my toes. My toes are now functioning and I can wear shoes again and drive!

Thursday we went and dropped Elder Kruse back up to his area. Quite a drive, his area is about an hour drive away!

Friday nothing too crazy happened.

Saturday was a very interesting day. We first met with Chrissy, our investigator, wife of our recent convert Humphrey. She is doing very well. We then tried to see one of our investigators in Du Noon, wasn’t there, but then 3 rampantly drunk men came up to us and started asking why we never teach them. (Maybe it is because they are always drunk!) But one of them wasn’t too drunk and actually seems pretty cool. So we may see him in the future.

We had a wonderful dinner appointment with Du resident and branch missionary, Ma Mpofu. She prepared a nice variety of food and let us serve ourselves. Well, I guess our serving ourselves wasn’t all the great because she gave us a stern look and dumped massive amounts of food on our plates. So much food. She expected us to finish it all. Not fun. While eating a former investigator and her husband strolled in the house. The husband swears that I must be Chinese and from China. I don’t understand. Everyone tried to explain to him that I was indeed not Chinese, but he didn’t want anything to do with that and claimed he knew what Chinese people looked like and I was one of them!

Sunday was a nice good day.

Elder Bozer


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