This was the week where I found out where I am off to!

Monday we visited the Rhodes Memorial. A nice place to go visit. Not a crazy P-day. We then had our usual Du Noon FHE. We had great fun. We shared a spiritual thought, and then we played the game, Mafia. It was an interesting and funny experience playing it with this crowd!

Tuesday all that I remember was hype about a giant storm, “the storm of the century.”

Wednesday the “storm” came, but it didn’t hit all that much in our area, so it wasn’t as great as I hoped, but at the same time, it dampened our work since no one wanted to see us because it was raining. We then listened to a program on the radio where some missionaries were on. Pretty cool.

Thursday, not all that much happened

Friday there was an experience where I got out of the car in Du Noon and a swarm of little kids came to me and lined up giving me hugs. Random, but cool. We had an awesome lesson with Chrissy, Humphreys wife, one of our investigators. Very awesome.

Saturday I got the call on where I was headed to. I will be transferred to the East London 3rd Ward. My new companion will be Elder Hawkins. He is also from the U.K. Two in a row. I am excited to see a new part of the mission. It will be an exciting new chapter of my mission. Plus I will be driving one of the nicest cars in the mission. It rained all day today, so that was unfortunate. I am not a big fan of the rain. We were able to have a couple of nice lessons throughout the day.

Sunday was a nice last Sunday in the area. We got to teach Primary, which was a fun experience. We had a couple appointments for the day, the last was great, we had a nice little sendoff from the Milnerton Ward mission leader. He fed us giant slices of lasagna, and we had a nice time.

It is time for me to leave Tableview, I will be going to East London on Wednesday. Exciting stuff.

Elder Bozer


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