This is an odd email, this week feels like two completely different weeks, because I have been in two completely different areas.

Monday was a cool day, we drove deep into our area exploring and found some nice views and what not. It was raining so there wasn’t too much else to do. We also had my final FHE with the Du Noon Crew. It was a great time! We took a nice crazy picture which you will hopefully enjoy.

Tuesday was my final day in Tableview, Had a few appointments. Very sad to say goodbye to these people I have served for the past 5 months. One of my recent convert families told me they would miss me, and told me how the gospel changed their life. The wife explained how the gospel brought peace into her home and before finding the missionaries her husband was a drunkard, contentious, unfaithful. Not very good. But ever since the gospel came into their life, it all changed. He no longer drinks, he is a peaceful man who now loves his family and his wife. He is a changed man. This is what the gospel can do, it can unite broken homes, fix struggling people, and change lives. It was very hard to say goodbye to them.

Wednesday I made the trip over to East London. Met my new companion, Elder Hawkins. He is from the UK. I already knew him, he is a great guy!

Thursday – Sunday – it is all crazy to me, I am still learning the area, but we have met some great people. I am excited to work more in this area.

This was a wonderful week. Till next week.

Elder Bozer


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