Alright, this week was pretty nice.

Monday we had to take our old car into service because it needed prepping so it could be sent off to Queenstown. So we drove along with some other elders for the day. At one point we ended up playing badminton with some members. At the end of the day, I got to meet the famous Sister Peggy. Sister Peggy is 94 years old!!! She has had missionaries over for the last 50 years. Crazy. Nice old lady.
Tuesday – We went to go pick up our car from service and what do you know they were not done with it. Go figure. But we walked around a portion of our area to meet with some people. We eventually got the car back and had a good rest of the day.
Wednesday – I met one of our investigators. She has been prepared a lot. Her name is Lindokuhle. She asks awesome questions and she committed to coming to church the following week after she gets back from a holiday.
Thursday our whole day was spent dropping our car off and then getting a new car. We now drive a 2017 Toyota Corolla. Which is quite nice.
Saturday we had a lesson with one of our investigators named Zolani. He is a very humble guy. He has a gambling addiction that we are working out a plan to combat. He is set on being baptized as well! We also had a dinner appointment with our stake president. We were expecting just us two, but one of the senior couple crashed our appointment. It was great we talked about old people stuff. lol
Sunday We had a good church service and went and saw some people. We ended the day meeting with our bishop, he has a large family, very crazy. Enough said, haha, it reminded me of home.
Have a great week, I do not have any pictures this week, my bad.
Elder Bozer

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