Monday – Quite a nice day. Didn’t do anything crazy for our P-day. In the evening we went and saw the Goche Family. The are recent converts. They are from Zimbabwe. Their son who is not a member just came home from boarding school. We met him and introduced him to everything about the gospel. His family joined the church while he was gone, so he had no idea they joined. His name is Panash and we committed him to be baptized as well. Pretty cool huh? After that wonderful lesson, we went to Sister Peggy. She is awesome.

Tuesday we had a lesson with a student named Sisanda. Her boyfriend referred us to her, and she is awesome. She has a desire to learn more and said she will be baptized. The only problem is now that school is out, she will be gone for like 3 whole weeks. What a bummer! But we will see her again!

Wednesday we began our day by going to the Steenback family. They are an older couple and they fed us lunch. They live super far out! In their house, they have many animals. An owl, a Parrot, two other little bird, 5+ dogs, and many cats. They are crazy!!! But it was cool to see em. We also had a lesson with a guy named Tyler, he is an interesting guy, to say the least, he just accepts everything and is very weird in the way he thinks sometimes. Then in the evening, we had a super powerful lesson with an investigator couple. Zinkle ( Zeen-Kley) and Mzizi. We were teaching them about the Book of Mormon, and they were very focused. We tried to get Zinkle to read a bit, but she was too overwhelmed by the spirit to read! Lots of inspired questions from them, all of them were answered through the Book of Mormon!

Thursday was a very slow day, Thursday’s are a curse 🙂

Friday I got to go on an exchange with Elder Orozco Lopez. He is from Guatemala, he is a super cool guy, we had a powerful day.

Saturday we were able to see a young man by the name of Duncan. We take his cousin with us teaching all the time. Duncan is not a member but has been surrounded by them for a long time! We committed him to be baptized and had a powerful lesson with him!

Sunday was a nice day we met for the first time a guy by the name of Mfundo (mm-foon-do) We met him a week or so ago, through his old friend from school. Super powerful guy! Very keen on learning more. We also met briefly with the Bishop’s family, we had given them what is called a member referral sheet, and it has about 20 slots to fill out names of people they would like us to go visit. They had filled out 19 slots! 19 referrals right then and there. Super powerful! We also had another lesson with Panash Goche. We had given him the assignment last time to go over the plan of salvation, and he went over it in depth, so when we taught it to him, he pretty much knew all of it already! He is on track to be baptized on the 16th! Then the Goche’s fed us, which was nice as well. Sister Goche is a professional chef.

It has been a nice week, but next week will be even better.

Elder Bozer


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