This week went by incredibly Ngokukhawuleza! (fast) Every area I go to makes days and weeks fly by. It is quite scary really.

We began the week with our P-day. Nothing too crazy. I got a haircut, and here in South Africa I only get haircuts by Pakistani guys. They are cheap and they do a nice job.

On Tuesday we had quite the busy day. It was very nice! Things are really picking up fast in this area.

Wednesday we had another busy day. So much so that I went on splits for the first time! We had too many people to teach! I went with our fellow shipper Tyren and we got to teach a progressing investigator named Sisanda. She is learning well, the only problem is now she will be away for 3 weeks. Shame. But we will get back into contact after that. Tyren and I also taught a guy named Brain, he is surely an interesting guy! On the other side, Elder Hawkins taught our investigator preparing to be baptized this Sunday. He said it was an awesome lesson!

Thursday we had plans to take Tyren again and go on splits, but Tyren ate a rotten egg, so he was done for. Kinda ruined our Thursday, but we still we able to see some people.

Friday sure was an interesting day. I got to teach in our district meeting, which was pretty cool. I taught about finding the elect people to teach. After District meeting, we realized we had forgotten our map in our boarding, so we went back to quickly go grab it. Well as we were leaving, I noticed that there was smoke coming from Sister Peggy’s flat. I don’t know if I have mentioned sister Peggy, but she is 94 years old, lives by herself (by choice), and lives right next door! Well, I got to investigate, and her whole home was super smokey. I got sister Peggy outta there, I barely could breathe in that flat. She was cooking some chicken and left to go get the paper. Well since she is so old, she walks super slow and by the time she got back, it was on fire! Luckily all was fine in the end. Glad we were there to help out!

Saturday we found a new area within our area, and it is huge! we had seen it before but never realized how big it was until we drove around it. We then went and visited people.

Sunday the whole stake gathered for a stake conference. The first presidency decided that it was time for the stake to split into two! It was super cool to witness, the original formation of the stake happened 15 years ago! Now there are two stakes in East London! Later that day, Panashe, our investigator, got interviewed for baptism and passed with flying colors! Super cool. He might just be the first to be baptized in this new stake!

Onto next week!

Sala kakuhle,

Elder Bozer


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