The week went very well. Lots of things are happening over here in East London!

The week started off in its typical way, P day and all of that stuff. We, of course, met with Sister Peggy in the evening and she said she had a great surprise for us. She pulled out a bag of ties that she had for us. It was very sweet. They were all old school uniform ties, very funny.

On Wednesday we had the opportunity to meet our new mission president, President Lebethoa, and his whole family. He is a powerful man, and I am excited to see what he does for this mission. He also brought along with him 4 kids! That’s gotta be an adventure for him. We also had a busy day afterward where we went out and did splits. Me and Tyren (our fellowshipper) went out and taught a super nice less active lady while Elder Hawkins went with another fellowshipper to go find some people to teach!

We were able to meet two powerful ladies on Saturday. Their names are Thembisa and Noluthando. Thembisa is the mother of one our recent converts, and we thought it would be best to try to teach her mom too! We did and they are super cool. She says she wants to be a member of the church too because she has seen the difference in her daughter!

Sunday was a very powerful day! We get to church and six investigators came to church. We were very surprised! Two of them were Thembisa and Noluthando! Right after meeting us they come to church! They are powerful! Plus they live way out in the wilderness so it was quite the journey for them! After church, we had the baptism of Panashe Goche! We completed the family! His family joined the church while he was away, but he accepted it super quick and got baptized! He even bore a super testimony after his baptism!

After church, we had an appointment with a family from the ward. They wanted us to go over some things with their daughter before she gets baptized. She is 7 turning 8. Now let me say this is a more typical Mormon family, the kind that you would find back at home. Multiple generations, typical long time members scared to do missionary work themselves. But they have been giving out invitations to their daughter’s baptism. So we offered to deliver one for them to a friend who was not a member! Scary! They accepted and we did. And guess what we delivered that invitation to a powerful family that is prepared to learn more! A father led family! We set up a time to see them again and this family we had met with couldn’t believe it! Oh, how easy it is to do missionary work. Just don’t be scared.

Overall a great week!

Elder Bozer


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