We have seen some great things happening here in East London 3rd Ward which has been getting me quite excited!

I will just mention some cool things that happened this week.

We met with one our investigators Duncan, he lives quite far away, but he has learned everything he needs to be baptized. He is a powerful guy. He is organized to be baptized on the 6th of August!  Pretty exciting!

We had another miracle when it comes to working with members this week. Working with members is my strategy! I think I mentioned them last week but we got to meet with the Vos family. They are longtime friends with some members and have had lots of good exposure to the church throughout the entire adult lives. Now we met with them this Wednesday and had a powerful lesson on the restoration and the sealing power in the temple. They are very interested. We organized with them to come to their friend’s daughter’s baptism today, and they are planning on coming to a ward activity. They are members already they just don’t know it yet! It really is an awesome family, a complete family. A father a mother and 2 kids. Perfect!

Alright, later in the week we have been meeting with people in an area called Fort Grey. Very humble area. Most people live in shacks and little huts. We were referred to the mother of one of our recent converts who wants to join the church. Just from going to her she has introduced us to about 6 more people, and 2 more next time. All these people want the gospel it is crazy. They just keep inviting more and more people. We do not have to do any finding. It is great!

We have an investigator couple named Mfundeko and Zinkle. Mfundeko has been taught on and off for 3 years. Somehow missionaries keep finding him over and over. Now in our lesson with him, he said he had an experience at work. He was working alone that day, and the guy employing him, who never talks to any of those he employs, came up to him randomly, and asked him “Are you a Christian?” Mfundeko responds saying, “not really, but I am a believer” Well the employer tells him, God has been sending people to you who are not giving up on you. It is time for you to accept the Gospel. Now I have no idea who this employer was, after that conversation he left. Mfundeko told us how he realized that it was us he was talking about. It is crazy how much God will prepare people, and he will not give up on them either!

Lastly, we had the confirmation of Panashe Goche. He is a powerful guy. We went and had dinner with the family afterward, and it seems all he does nowadays is study the gospel. He was asking some pretty intense questions, and he is thinking of going on a mission when he gets older as well!

That was a little bit about my week, it was a great one!

Elder Bozer


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