We had quite a packed week of different events that happened!

It started off with us helping out with a baptismal service that was going on in our ward on Monday. We were asked to fill the font and make sure it was all ready to go. Well while we were there the power got cut on the whole street due to a fire! So that meant no hot water. Shame. But the baptism went great! The person being baptized was a girl named serenity. It was her 8th birthday. The parents had us over a couple times to help her prepare.

On Tuesday we had the great opportunity to help move stuff into a new boarding for a new senior couple. That was great.

We had a zone conference. We had a nice training from our mission President! All about working with members. It was very nice!

We went to a Ward activity where we went to different members home eating different things. It was quite interesting.

I also learned a new work in Xhosa. It is quite the mouthful! It is QabaQabaQaphilavinika. (Q is a click btw) It doesn’t have a direct translation but it roughly means bursting with joy!

We had an appointment with our bishop and his family. They showed us this parody video that they made all about the book of Mormon. They are so Mormon 🙂

One of our investigators, Duncan passed his baptismal interview so that is great. He will be baptized next week! Cool stuff!

That is the main points of the week.

Elder Bozer


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