It was quite a nice week this week! Here are the highlights:

East London around 5 p.m gets super congested traffic. Super bad. Every Tuesday we have to cross a bridge dividing our area in half to get to a certain family. The Bridge is probably the worst congested place of them all! We were running late, and we approach the traffic. We decided we need to get there at least not too late. So we decided to go “African Taxi Mode” and turn on our hazards and take a short cut. We pass everyone, sometimes driving in the wrong lane. We went through every back way possible, even those were congested. But because of my amazing fast and furious driving skills we got through 2 hours of traffic in 15 minutes 🙂 I am not exaggerating! We got there in time! It was quite great. The great thing about South Africa is that it seems as though there are no traffic laws! Or any that are enforced! So I was in the clear, haha. But I don’t recommend you try it at home. You will most likely be fined.

The second highlight was the baptism of Duncan. We have worked with him for the last 2 or so months. Brilliant young man. It was great witnessing his baptism! His whole family came out, which included his less active mother and non-member father, along with his cousin and grandparents who take him each week.

The rest of the week was typical missionary work. Nothing much else for this week.

Elder Bozer


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