Week 60 – My Awesome Investigators


Here is an update of some of my awesome investigators.

Backhokele – Backhokele is still powerful. He is reading the Book of Mormon and is progressing well. He is willing to live all of the commandments which is vital. He surely has the potential to join the church. We brought a member in our ward to come visit him with us, named Brother Luluma. They got along very well. They even funny enough share the same birthday! Backhokele promised that he would get things in order so he can start coming to church next week!

Avuyile – What a powerful young man, this week we just read the Book of Mormon with him because he was slacking a bit in that regard. It is important for investigators to read the Book of Mormon for true conversion to happen. But the powerful thing is that he came to church this week, which means he is on the path!

Van Rooyen Family – The second appointment with the Van Rooyen family stuck, which is great. You can tell if they are serious if they keep their second appointment or not. We explained and went over what the Book of Mormon is all about. They seem genuinely interested. The father of the family again explained to us about his experience when we first came to his home. Basically, he had a conversation with his co-worker who is an atheist which caused him to doubt some of his beliefs. When he came home to find us, he saw it as a sign that his doubts were wrongs and that what we were sharing was true. They have family visiting from afar this week so they told us they couldn’t come to church, but they said if they are gone next week they would go.

Anele – We met him for the first time this week, he previously investigated the church about two years ago and came to church a ton, but then left for some reason. Last week he texted our bishop telling him he wants to change and be baptized. Pretty cool. We met with him a couple times this week, and he is keeping commitments. He has a long road ahead of him, but if he sticks with it, he will get there.

Xola –  We met him for the first time this week as well. Xola is a super cool guy, he is a young man of the age of 20. He told us 2 days before we came he decided to accept Christ into his life. He was very receptive to learn more.

The Pig Pen – We performed service 2 days this week building an informal pig pen. We dug about 50 holes and put in some stakes and wooden poles to create the perimeter of the fence. The just hammered some pallets into the stakes and there you go you have a pig pen. It was good work. I got sunburned pretty bad, which was a shame, but it is all good now.

Bringing up the Past – I got a funny a funny call this week, it was one of the senior couples calling and asking me about the car accident I was in about a year ago. Last year I was rear-ended by a drunk undercover cop, and it damaged our car pretty bad. Well now they are looking for that car, I guess they lost it after we handed it into the mission for repairs. It was just funny remembering what happened last year.


Week 59 – Building Up My Area

The highlights!

Our Powerful Investigators:

We have some powerful people that are moving along in our teaching pool.

Backhokele – Backhokelo is moving along quite well. We were able to teach him 3 times this week. He accepted everything so well! He has finished the 1st book of Nephi, he is a power reader! We also taught him the Word of Wisdom he just tells us that is how everyone should live and he accepted it immediately.

Avuyile – Avuyile is a powerful young man, he is 17 years old. He has met with missionaries in the past but he was quite a bit younger then. He is eager to learn more and work for it! He swiftly accepted to be baptized and he loves meeting with us.

Van Rooyen Family – We met them for the first time this week. They are a super cool family that seems intrigued by our message. We will see how it all goes. When we were talking to the Husband, Dean, He told us that is was quite strange for of all the days for us to come, it was that day. He told us he was having some conversation with some atheist co-workers and made him think about religion. He said it was a great surprise to see us as he got home, and really made him think even more!

Vos Family – I mentioned this family a long time ago, and the reason I haven’t mentioned them since is that it has been a long time since I have seen them. But cool enough, they invited us over for a South African Braii, which was super nice of them. We had a great time getting to know them a bit more, and we set another time to be able to teach them once again! They have had many coincidences in their life when it pertains to the church, God is preparing them slowly but surely!

General Conference Part 2 – So I got to watch the Sunday Afternoon session this Sunday. It was a great conference full of great speakers. They seemed to talk a lot about the Book of Mormon. I also liked the talk that talked about how we should never talk bad about other members or our leaders. In public or private. We should not put labels on people.

Otherwise, the week has been good, we have been teaching people, that is our job. We have been pushing really hard to talk to everyone and teach everyone! It has been improving our area, and it has been great to see more and more people investigating!

Elder Bozer

Week 58 – Preaching in Prison

I had an eventful and good week. Here are the highlights.

Transfer Day – Wednesday this week was our transfer day, and I got to wake up super early in the morning and drop Elder Hawkins off to his new area, and I got to wait a good while until my new companion arrived. Because there were several of us waiting for new companions, we waited at the senior couples home and they fed us a nice lunch, and we also got to play some mini golf. At 2:30 I finally received my new companion, Elder Allred. He is from Utah, United States. He is my first American companion that I have served with. He is a great powerful elder!

Powerful New People – We got straight to work during this new transfer, we have been searching high and low for new people to teach. And we found some great people this week. One man we found, his name is Bakhokele. We sat down with him and had a powerful lesson. Just as I mention the Book of Mormon he started tearing up and he told us he was feeling the spirit very powerfully at the moment. He accepted the invitation to be baptized the first lesson.

We also met this amazing family, we had initially met the daughter and when she learned that we were missionaries, she got super excited and told us she wants to be a missionary too. She quickly introduced us to her parents and we got to talking. We were not able to have a full proper lesson, but we should see them again in the future.

Preaching in Prison – We received an interesting referral this week to a man who is in prison. Quite interesting. So we went with this man’s mother to visit him in the prison. Of course, since he is in prison it wasn’t the most traditional visit, but we got to talk about a few things and left him with reading material. Don’t go to prison in SA, doesn’t seem like a fun place to be…

General Conference – Luckily in this ward, they watched general conference. It was a great time to receive instruction from the Apostles and other leaders of the church. I get to watch the rest of it next Sunday because we only got to watch 3 sessions.

Elder Bozer

Week 57 – My First American Companion

This week was another great week in East London South Africa! Here are the highlights!

Long Lesson Marathon –
3 days in a row we have very long lessons with our investigator Thato. We just meet in our car, because for some reason we can’t be in his house when his dad is home. He is 28…. Anyways, we learned a lot more about his background, and how he has really struggled throughout his life. We are helping realize through the Book of Mormon the answers to his questions.

You Can’t Know If You Don’t try – 
A member of our ward just got married and we were invited to teach his wife, Hazel because she is not a member. She has come to church for the last 2 weeks but she has lots of questions. Mostly on the Book of Mormon, which is understandable… Well, we promised that if she would read it she would be able to find out for her self if it is true or not. She told us that she would read the Bible to find out if it is true. Well, we explained that doing that wouldn’t work. It would be like trying to learn how to play chess by watching someone play checkers, it won’t work. So after that, she said she would think about it. Haha, we will see.

Transfer News – 
As I guessed, I am staying in my area for another 6 weeks, but my companion Elder Hawkins is outta here. Shame, I have enjoyed serving with him. I will be receiving my new companion on Wednesday. His name is Elder Allred. For the first time, I will be having an American Companion. I have had South Africans, Zimbabweans, and British, but this will the first time I will get an American.

Confirmation of George – 
George the man who got baptized last week was confirmed a member and given the gift of the holy ghost! Awesome! He also straight after got the Aaronic Priesthood which is great!

That was my week, I will update again next week.

Elder Bozer

Week 56 – Uniting Families

It was a nice week! Here are the highlights!

Crabs – on our P day we went to a nice relaxed place and saw some good sights. While we were there one of the other elders found a crab and caught it. I will attach a picture of me holding it. Of course, we put him back where we found him afterward.

Zone Conference/Interviews – we had the wonderful opportunity to have our Zone Conference and interviews.Zone Conference is always great. We received powerful instruction from our mission president. He talked about the principle of free will and how we should apply it to ourselves and how we should remember that those we teach have their free will as well.

A Man Named Thato – I don’t know if I mention this guy last week but he is one of our investigators at the moment. We were able to meet with him twice this week. He has many many questions, and he really genuinely wants to know the truth. I can see a change in him every time we meet with him. Another great thing is that he came to church! He told us afterward that he had 17 more questions. Haha, he will get there. He seems as though he will start coming every week, he even organized himself a ride to church with other members in his area.
Baptism Sunday – Sunday was a powerful day for us with 6 investigators at church, many of them who came for the first time. On top of having everyone there at church, we were able to witness the baptism of one of our investigators, George! George is an awesome and changed man. He had obstacles he had to overcome, but as he embraced the gospel, those obstacles went away! He is the Husband of a member, who had been less active for a long time, but now is happy and back with her husband.

Week 55 – Xhosa Church

This week was filled with some crazy events, that make for some good stories.

Highlights of the week:

Powerful People

This week we have had the opportunity to meet some powerful new people. One man, we met his name is Antony and for a couple of years, he has been working on the church’s cars when us missionaries mess things up. He has always wondered what we do, and what our church does, so we taught him about the Restoration and he says it all makes sense. He has been looking for a “religious” home he says, and I look forward to meeting him further.

We also met a young man named Thato, and he has recently had some experiences that have made him doubt established religion as a whole. Many of his questions fit in with our message. He had many questions why churches are not established the same way Christ established, also about the history of the Bible. He really got to thinking after our lesson. We will see what happens with him.

Crazy Events

We had some funny experiences happen to us this week. At some point we were talking to a man named Billy out in a far out township, he is very well known in the community and is a great guy. Well, he tells us he wants to show us something so he leads us across the street into this building, well it turned out we just walked into a church. Now this church service is being conducted in complete Xhosa, and my companion and I were the only white guys around, so when we walked in we got a lot of confused stares. #1 Because we were 2 white guys walking into a church only filled with Xhosa people and #2 We don’t even speak Xhosa. That was interesting. We only stayed for a short while.

We were sitting in our car waiting for a member of our ward to show up to fellowship with us, and Elder Hawkins and I were just having a conversation when this man walking by our car stops, looks at us and then proceeds to do this crazy acting routine, he was acting very depressed and as if the world was going to end, and at the end of it he asks for money, well we give him some spare change, and then he proceeds to do this crazy ritual thing where he blesses each one of us individually and the proceeds to bless our car. Glad to have a blessed car 🙂

An Unfortunate Mistake

Haha, this will most likely be funny to you, but it was unfortunate for us at the time. Well at our flat that’s we live in, we have a security gate that is locked up by a padlock. Well, the thing about pad locks is that you don’t need a key to lock it. So on Sunday as we left the flat we lock up the pad lock and then realized we don’t have the keys. We locked ourselves out of the flat. Luckily we got our neighbor to help us out, and he took 2 screwdrivers and was able to snap our padlock. Moral of the story: do not use padlocks…

That was my week,

Elder Bozer

P.S. Pictures, children who invited themselves into our car 🙂 Always lock your doors!

Week 54 -Another Week in Africa

I really don’t know what to name this email so it is getting a generic name.

Well,  here are the highlights of the week.

1st – we had a special fast to get some new investigators this week. Lo and behold it was answered pretty quick because the members of our ward brought 3 friends along. We will be meeting with them. So that is powerful.

2nd – I got to go on an exchange with Elder Reedy. He is a cool guy, Very tall. He is from the states, but he has lived all over the place. In places like U.K, Angola, Kazakhstan, Scotland, everywhere! Cool guy.

3rd – I got to hold a hedgehog! There is a family in my ward that has many many animals. So they sometimes get a new one, this week was a hedgehog. Which is cool.

We had a cool training, about 2 Nephi. It is all about when we choose good we can become agents and be free (Christ’s path) or we can choose evil (the devil’s path) and be controlled like objects. Which would you rather be, an object or an agent?

Have a great week!

Elder Bozer


Week 53 – Flooding

I don’t really have all that much time to email this week because our normal place lost their internet connection. But here are some key points of the week. I will just share a spiritual thing and a random thing.

1st – We are teaching a man named George, we have met with him a couple of times and he will be baptized pretty soon. He is a big Zimbabwean guy, loves working on cars. He is married to a member but has just now decided to get baptized! He is awesome!

2nd – We were driving towards an appointment and we were going past the ocean and the waves were going so crazy that the waves were crashing over the barrier flinging bricks and debris into the road. They had to close down the entire road. We went and checked it out just for a brief moment. But it was cool.

Well, I have been out for entire year officially, that is pretty cool. Have a wonderful week!

Elder Bozer


Week 52 – 1 Year Down!

Well, it has just been about a year. 1 year ago I was flying out to this crazy place, not knowing what the heck I was in for. But it has been a great journey thus far.

This week was a great one. Transfer day was on Wednesday, for us though nothing changed so it wasn’t all that crazy for me.

1st – For some odd reason we have 2 cars now. So of course what do we do, we get 2 people to come with us for the day and we split up into 2 cars and do double the work. Pretty cool. I went with one of our fellow shippers, Siyakhowla. It was great. We met some great people!

2nd – We had an awesome experience where we got the impression to try to visit a guy we had been referred to during the day, but we know he is only available during the evening. But we went anyway! Well when we got there, we see a man outside his house working on a car. We were wondering if this was the man we had been trying to contact for a while. Well, it wasn’t, but it turns out he is interested in learning more about the gospel, and he is the father of an established home (which is hard to find over here). Seems like a super cool guy! We had gotten there just in time too! He told us he would have been gone but his car had a slight problem so he hadn’t left. It was meant to be!

3rd – This week we had what was called Mormon Helping Hands and we went out and gave service to the community. It was great!

Well, that is what I got for the week.

Have a great week.

Elder Bozer

Week 51 – Staying in East London

Well, I got my transfer news and I am staying in East London 3rd Ward. I am glad to be staying. Nothing is changing, I will keep Elder Hawkins as a companion.

This week was a good week. Here are two highlights:

First, I had the unfortunate experience of witnessing a pig being slaughtered. We had been asked to give service at a member family’s home and they did not tell us beforehand what the service was. It turned out to be assisting in slaughtering a pig! So fun….

Second, there is a less active sister that we have tried several times to visit. We have only managed to see her once in the last 9 weeks. However, on Sunday she and her entire family (who are not members) came to church. They all seem super cool, and they have told us they want to join the church. Miracles happen!

Those are the highlights for the week. Have a great week!

Elder Bozer