Week 50 – Fast and Furious: East London

It was quite a nice week this week! Here are the highlights:

East London around 5 p.m gets super congested traffic. Super bad. Every Tuesday we have to cross a bridge dividing our area in half to get to a certain family. The Bridge is probably the worst congested place of them all! We were running late, and we approach the traffic. We decided we need to get there at least not too late. So we decided to go “African Taxi Mode” and turn on our hazards and take a short cut. We pass everyone, sometimes driving in the wrong lane. We went through every back way possible, even those were congested. But because of my amazing fast and furious driving skills we got through 2 hours of traffic in 15 minutes¬†ūüôā I am not exaggerating! We got there in time! It was quite great. The great thing about South Africa is that it seems as though there are no traffic laws! Or any that are enforced! So I was in the clear, haha. But I don’t recommend you try it at home. You will most likely be fined.

The second highlight was the baptism of Duncan. We have worked with him for the last 2 or so months. Brilliant young man. It was great witnessing his baptism! His whole family came out, which included his less active mother and non-member father, along with his cousin and grandparents who take him each week.

The rest of the week was typical missionary work. Nothing much else for this week.

Elder Bozer


Week 49 – QabaQabaQaphilavinika

We had quite a packed week of different events that happened!

It started off with us helping out with a baptismal service that was going on in our ward on Monday. We were asked to fill the font and make sure it was all ready to go. Well while we were there the power got cut on the whole street due to a fire! So that meant no hot water. Shame. But the baptism went great! The person being baptized was a girl named serenity. It was her 8th birthday. The parents had us over a couple times to help her prepare.

On Tuesday we had the great opportunity to help move stuff into a new boarding for a new senior couple. That was great.

We had a zone conference. We had a nice training from our mission President! All about working with members. It was very nice!

We went to a Ward activity where we went to different members home eating different things. It was quite interesting.

I also learned a new work in Xhosa. It is quite the mouthful! It is QabaQabaQaphilavinika. (Q is a click btw) It doesn’t have a direct translation but it roughly means bursting with joy!

We had an appointment with our bishop and his family. They showed us this parody video that they made all about the book of Mormon. They are so Mormon ūüôā

One of our investigators, Duncan passed his baptismal interview so that is great. He will be baptized next week! Cool stuff!

That is the main points of the week.

Elder Bozer

Week 48 – Work is Elevating

We have seen some great things happening here in East London 3rd Ward which has been getting me quite excited!

I will just mention some cool things that happened this week.

We met with one our investigators Duncan, he lives quite far away, but he has learned everything he needs to be baptized. He is a powerful guy. He is organized to be baptized on the 6th of August!  Pretty exciting!

We had another miracle when it comes to working with members this week. Working with members is my strategy! I think I mentioned them last week but we got to meet with the Vos family. They are longtime friends with some members and have had lots of good exposure to the church throughout the entire adult lives. Now we met with them¬†this Wednesday and had a powerful lesson on the restoration and the sealing power in the temple. They are very interested. We organized with them to come to their friend’s daughter’s baptism today, and they are planning on coming to a ward activity. They are members already they just don’t know it yet! It really is an awesome family, a complete family. A father a mother and 2 kids. Perfect!

Alright, later in the week we have been meeting with people in an area called Fort Grey. Very humble area. Most people live in shacks and little huts. We were referred to the mother of one of our recent converts who wants to join the church. Just from going to her she has introduced us to about 6 more people, and 2 more next time. All these people want the gospel it is crazy. They just keep inviting more and more people. We do not have to do any finding. It is great!

We have an investigator couple named Mfundeko and Zinkle. Mfundeko has been taught on and off for 3 years. Somehow missionaries keep finding him over and over. Now in our lesson with him, he said he had an experience at work. He was working alone that day, and the guy employing him, who never talks to any of those he employs, came up to him randomly, and asked him “Are you a Christian?” Mfundeko responds saying, “not really, but I am a believer” Well the employer tells him, God has been sending people to you who are not giving up on you. It is time for you to accept the Gospel. Now I have no idea who this employer was, after that conversation he left. Mfundeko told us how he realized that it was us he was talking about. It is crazy how much God will prepare people, and he will not give up on them either!

Lastly, we had the confirmation of Panashe Goche. He is a powerful guy. We went and had dinner with the family afterward, and it seems all he does nowadays is study the gospel. He was asking some pretty intense questions, and he is thinking of going on a mission when he gets older as well!

That was a little bit about my week, it was a great one!

Elder Bozer

Week 47 – Meeting President Lebethoa + A Powerful Week

The week went very well. Lots of things are happening over here in East London!

The week started off in its typical way, P day and all of that stuff. We, of course, met with Sister Peggy in the evening and she said she had a great surprise for us. She pulled out a bag of ties that she had for us. It was very sweet. They were all old school uniform ties, very funny.

On Wednesday we had the opportunity to meet our new mission president, President Lebethoa, and his whole family. He is a powerful man, and I am excited to see what he does for this mission. He also brought along with him 4 kids! That’s gotta be an adventure for him. We also had a busy day afterward where we went out and did splits. Me and Tyren (our fellowshipper) went out and taught a super nice less active lady while Elder Hawkins went with another fellowshipper to go find some people to teach!

We were able to meet two powerful ladies on Saturday. Their names are Thembisa and Noluthando. Thembisa is the mother of one our recent converts, and we thought it would be best to try to teach her mom too! We did and they are super cool. She says she wants to be a member of the church too because she has seen the difference in her daughter!

Sunday was a very powerful day! We get to church and six investigators came to church. We were very surprised! Two of them were Thembisa and Noluthando! Right after meeting us they come to church! They are powerful! Plus they live way out in the wilderness so it was quite the journey for them! After church, we had the baptism of Panashe Goche! We completed the family! His family joined the church while he was away, but he accepted it super quick and got baptized! He even bore a super testimony after his baptism!

After church, we had an appointment with a family from the ward. They wanted us to go over some things with their daughter before she gets baptized. She is 7 turning 8. Now let me say this is a more typical Mormon family, the kind that you would find back at home. Multiple generations, typical long time members scared to do missionary work themselves. But they have been giving out invitations to their daughter’s baptism. So we offered to deliver one for them to a friend who was not a member! Scary! They accepted and we did. And guess what we delivered that invitation to a powerful family that is prepared to learn more! A father led family! We set up a time to see them again and this family we had met with couldn’t believe it! Oh, how easy it is to do missionary work. Just don’t be scared.

Overall a great week!

Elder Bozer

Week 46 – East London Was Too Big!

This week went by incredibly Ngokukhawuleza! (fast) Every area I go to makes days and weeks fly by. It is quite scary really.

We began the week with our P-day. Nothing too crazy. I got a haircut, and here in South Africa I only get haircuts by Pakistani guys. They are cheap and they do a nice job.

On Tuesday we had quite the busy day. It was very nice! Things are really picking up fast in this area.

Wednesday we had another busy day. So much so that I went on splits for the first time! We had too many people to teach! I went with our fellow shipper Tyren and we got to teach a progressing investigator named Sisanda. She is learning well, the only problem is now she will be away for 3 weeks. Shame. But we will get back into contact after that. Tyren and I also taught a guy named Brain, he is surely an interesting guy! On the other side, Elder Hawkins taught our investigator preparing to be baptized this Sunday. He said it was an awesome lesson!

Thursday we had plans to take Tyren again and go on splits, but Tyren ate a rotten egg, so he was done for. Kinda ruined our Thursday, but we still we able to see some people.

Friday sure was an interesting day. I got to teach in our district meeting, which was pretty cool. I taught about finding the elect people to teach. After District meeting, we realized we had forgotten our map in our boarding, so we went back to quickly go grab it. Well as we were leaving, I noticed that there was smoke coming from Sister Peggy’s flat. I don’t know if I have mentioned sister Peggy, but she is 94 years old, lives by herself (by choice), and lives right next door! Well, I got to investigate, and her whole home was super smokey. I got sister Peggy outta there, I barely could breathe in that flat. She was cooking some chicken and left to go get the paper. Well since she is so old, she walks super slow and by the time she got back, it was on fire! Luckily all was fine in the end. Glad we were there to help out!

Saturday we found a new area within our area, and it is huge! we had seen it before but never realized how big it was until we drove around it. We then went and visited people.

Sunday the whole stake gathered for a stake conference. The first presidency decided that it was time for the stake to split into two! It was super cool to witness, the original formation of the stake happened 15 years ago! Now there are two stakes in East London! Later that day, Panashe, our investigator, got interviewed for baptism and passed with flying colors! Super cool. He might just be the first to be baptized in this new stake!

Onto next week!

Sala kakuhle,

Elder Bozer

Week 45 – Moving Things Forward

Monday¬†– Quite a nice day. Didn’t do anything crazy for our P-day. In the evening we went and saw the Goche Family. The are recent converts. They are from Zimbabwe. Their son who is not a member just came home from boarding school. We met him and introduced him to everything about the gospel. His family joined the church while he was gone, so he had no idea they joined. His name is Panash and we committed him to be baptized as well. Pretty cool huh? After that wonderful lesson, we went to Sister Peggy. She is awesome.

Tuesday we had a lesson with a student named Sisanda. Her boyfriend referred us to her, and she is awesome. She has a desire to learn more and said she will be baptized. The only problem is now that school is out, she will be gone for like 3 whole weeks. What a bummer! But we will see her again!

Wednesday we began our day by going to the Steenback family. They are an older couple and they fed us lunch. They live super far out! In their house, they have many animals. An owl, a Parrot, two other little bird, 5+ dogs, and many cats. They are crazy!!! But it was cool to see em. We also had a lesson with a guy named Tyler, he is an interesting guy, to say the least, he just accepts everything and is very weird in the way he thinks sometimes. Then in the evening, we had a super powerful lesson with an investigator couple. Zinkle ( Zeen-Kley) and Mzizi. We were teaching them about the Book of Mormon, and they were very focused. We tried to get Zinkle to read a bit, but she was too overwhelmed by the spirit to read! Lots of inspired questions from them, all of them were answered through the Book of Mormon!

Thursday¬†was a very slow day,¬†Thursday’s¬†are a curse ūüôā

Friday I got to go on an exchange with Elder Orozco Lopez. He is from Guatemala, he is a super cool guy, we had a powerful day.

Saturday we were able to see a young man by the name of Duncan. We take his cousin with us teaching all the time. Duncan is not a member but has been surrounded by them for a long time! We committed him to be baptized and had a powerful lesson with him!

Sunday¬†was a nice day we met for the first time a guy by the name of Mfundo (mm-foon-do) We met him a week or so ago, through his old friend from school. Super powerful guy! Very keen on learning more. We also met briefly with the Bishop’s family, we had given them what is called a member referral sheet, and it has about 20 slots to fill out names of people they would like us to go visit. They had filled out 19 slots! 19 referrals right then and there. Super powerful! We also had another lesson with Panash Goche. We had given him the assignment last time to go over the plan of salvation, and he went over it in depth, so when we taught it to him, he pretty much knew all of it already! He is on track to be baptized on the 16th! Then the Goche’s fed us, which was nice as well. Sister Goche is a professional chef.

It has been a nice week, but next week will be even better.

Elder Bozer

Week 44 – Driving in Style

Alright, this week was pretty nice.

Monday we had to take our old car into service because it needed prepping so it could be sent off to Queenstown. So we drove along with some other elders for the day. At one point we ended up playing badminton with some members. At the end of the day, I got to meet the famous Sister Peggy. Sister Peggy is 94 years old!!! She has had missionaries over for the last 50 years. Crazy. Nice old lady.
Tuesday – We went to go pick up our car from service and what do you know they were not done with it. Go figure. But we walked around a portion of our area to meet with some people. We eventually got the car back and had a good rest of the day.
Wednesday – I met one of our investigators. She has been prepared a lot. Her name is Lindokuhle. She asks awesome questions and she committed to coming to church the following week after she gets back from a holiday.
Thursday our whole day was spent dropping our car off and then getting a new car. We now drive a 2017 Toyota Corolla. Which is quite nice.
Saturday we had a lesson with one of our investigators named Zolani. He is a very humble guy. He has a gambling addiction that we are working out a plan to combat. He is set on being baptized as well! We also had a dinner appointment with our stake president. We were expecting just us two, but one of the senior couple crashed our appointment. It was great we talked about old people stuff. lol
Sunday We had a good church service and went and saw some people. We ended the day meeting with our bishop, he has a large family, very crazy. Enough said, haha, it reminded me of home.
Have a great week, I do not have any pictures this week, my bad.
Elder Bozer

Week 43 – Arrival in East London

This is an odd email, this week feels like two completely different weeks, because I have been in two completely different areas.

Monday¬†was a cool day, we drove deep into our area exploring and found some nice views and what not. It was raining so there wasn’t too much else to do. We also had my final FHE with the Du¬†Noon¬†Crew. It was a great time! We took a nice crazy picture which you will hopefully enjoy.

Tuesday was my final day in Tableview, Had a few appointments. Very sad to say goodbye to these people I have served for the past 5 months. One of my recent convert families told me they would miss me, and told me how the gospel changed their life. The wife explained how the gospel brought peace into her home and before finding the missionaries her husband was a drunkard, contentious, unfaithful. Not very good. But ever since the gospel came into their life, it all changed. He no longer drinks, he is a peaceful man who now loves his family and his wife. He is a changed man. This is what the gospel can do, it can unite broken homes, fix struggling people, and change lives. It was very hard to say goodbye to them.

Wednesday I made the trip over to East London. Met my new companion, Elder Hawkins. He is from the UK. I already knew him, he is a great guy!

Thursday¬†–¬†Sunday¬†– it is all crazy to me, I am still learning the area, but we have met some great people. I am excited to work more in this area.

This was a wonderful week. Till next week.

Elder Bozer

Week 42 – Heading to East London

This was the week where I found out where I am off to!

Monday we visited the Rhodes Memorial. A nice place to go visit. Not a crazy P-day. We then had our usual Du Noon FHE. We had great fun. We shared a spiritual thought, and then we played the game, Mafia. It was an interesting and funny experience playing it with this crowd!

Tuesday all that I remember was hype about a giant storm, “the storm of the century.”

Wednesday¬†the “storm” came, but it didn’t hit all that much in our area, so it wasn’t as great as I hoped, but at the same time, it dampened our work since no one wanted to see us because it was raining. We then listened to a program on the radio where some missionaries were on. Pretty cool.

Thursday, not all that much happened

Friday there was an experience where I got out of the car in Du Noon and a swarm of little kids came to me and lined up giving me hugs. Random, but cool. We had an awesome lesson with Chrissy, Humphreys wife, one of our investigators. Very awesome.

Saturday I got the call on where I was headed to. I will be transferred to the East London 3rd Ward. My new companion will be Elder Hawkins. He is also from the U.K. Two in a row. I am excited to see a new part of the mission. It will be an exciting new chapter of my mission. Plus I will be driving one of the nicest cars in the mission. It rained all day today, so that was unfortunate. I am not a big fan of the rain. We were able to have a couple of nice lessons throughout the day.

Sunday was a nice last Sunday in the area. We got to teach Primary, which was a fun experience. We had a couple appointments for the day, the last was great, we had a nice little sendoff from the Milnerton Ward mission leader. He fed us giant slices of lasagna, and we had a nice time.

It is time for me to leave Tableview, I will be going to East London on Wednesday. Exciting stuff.

Elder Bozer

Week 41 – I Guess I am Chinese

This week was nice.

Monday I couldn’t do all that much, so Elder Reynolds, Elder Kruse, and myself drove up and drove down this huge tunnel and at the end of it, there were some pretty great sights. We then had lunch at this restaurant and we each got a 1/2 kilo burger. Quite atrocious. We ended our Monday with the Du FHE, which is great fun as usual. It keeps on getting bigger as time goes on. Soon we will need a bigger place to meet!

Tuesday we had our final zone conference with President Merril. He leaves in July. Pretty great.

Wednesday I had the wonderful opportunity to remove the stitches from my toes. My toes are now functioning and I can wear shoes again and drive!

Thursday we went and dropped Elder Kruse back up to his area. Quite a drive, his area is about an hour drive away!

Friday nothing too crazy happened.

Saturday was a very interesting day. We first met with Chrissy, our investigator, wife of our recent convert Humphrey. She is doing very well. We then tried to see one of our investigators in Du Noon, wasn’t there, but then 3 rampantly drunk men came up to us and started asking why we never teach them. (Maybe it is because they are always drunk!) But one of them wasn’t too drunk and actually seems pretty cool. So we may see him in the future.

We had a wonderful dinner appointment with Du resident and branch missionary, Ma Mpofu. She prepared a nice variety of food and let us serve ourselves. Well, I guess our serving ourselves wasn’t all the great because she gave us a stern look and dumped massive amounts of food on our plates. So much food. She expected us to finish it all. Not fun. While eating a former investigator and her husband strolled in the house. The husband swears that I must be Chinese and from China. I don’t understand. Everyone tried to explain to him that I was indeed not Chinese, but he didn’t want anything to do with that and claimed he knew what Chinese people looked like and I was one of them!

Sunday was a nice good day.

Elder Bozer