Week 42 – Heading to East London

This was the week where I found out where I am off to!

Monday we visited the Rhodes Memorial. A nice place to go visit. Not a crazy P-day. We then had our usual Du Noon FHE. We had great fun. We shared a spiritual thought, and then we played the game, Mafia. It was an interesting and funny experience playing it with this crowd!

Tuesday all that I remember was hype about a giant storm, “the storm of the century.”

Wednesday the “storm” came, but it didn’t hit all that much in our area, so it wasn’t as great as I hoped, but at the same time, it dampened our work since no one wanted to see us because it was raining. We then listened to a program on the radio where some missionaries were on. Pretty cool.

Thursday, not all that much happened

Friday there was an experience where I got out of the car in Du Noon and a swarm of little kids came to me and lined up giving me hugs. Random, but cool. We had an awesome lesson with Chrissy, Humphreys wife, one of our investigators. Very awesome.

Saturday I got the call on where I was headed to. I will be transferred to the East London 3rd Ward. My new companion will be Elder Hawkins. He is also from the U.K. Two in a row. I am excited to see a new part of the mission. It will be an exciting new chapter of my mission. Plus I will be driving one of the nicest cars in the mission. It rained all day today, so that was unfortunate. I am not a big fan of the rain. We were able to have a couple of nice lessons throughout the day.

Sunday was a nice last Sunday in the area. We got to teach Primary, which was a fun experience. We had a couple appointments for the day, the last was great, we had a nice little sendoff from the Milnerton Ward mission leader. He fed us giant slices of lasagna, and we had a nice time.

It is time for me to leave Tableview, I will be going to East London on Wednesday. Exciting stuff.

Elder Bozer

Week 41 – I Guess I am Chinese

This week was nice.

Monday I couldn’t do all that much, so Elder Reynolds, Elder Kruse, and myself drove up and drove down this huge tunnel and at the end of it, there were some pretty great sights. We then had lunch at this restaurant and we each got a 1/2 kilo burger. Quite atrocious. We ended our Monday with the Du FHE, which is great fun as usual. It keeps on getting bigger as time goes on. Soon we will need a bigger place to meet!

Tuesday we had our final zone conference with President Merril. He leaves in July. Pretty great.

Wednesday I had the wonderful opportunity to remove the stitches from my toes. My toes are now functioning and I can wear shoes again and drive!

Thursday we went and dropped Elder Kruse back up to his area. Quite a drive, his area is about an hour drive away!

Friday nothing too crazy happened.

Saturday was a very interesting day. We first met with Chrissy, our investigator, wife of our recent convert Humphrey. She is doing very well. We then tried to see one of our investigators in Du Noon, wasn’t there, but then 3 rampantly drunk men came up to us and started asking why we never teach them. (Maybe it is because they are always drunk!) But one of them wasn’t too drunk and actually seems pretty cool. So we may see him in the future.

We had a wonderful dinner appointment with Du resident and branch missionary, Ma Mpofu. She prepared a nice variety of food and let us serve ourselves. Well, I guess our serving ourselves wasn’t all the great because she gave us a stern look and dumped massive amounts of food on our plates. So much food. She expected us to finish it all. Not fun. While eating a former investigator and her husband strolled in the house. The husband swears that I must be Chinese and from China. I don’t understand. Everyone tried to explain to him that I was indeed not Chinese, but he didn’t want anything to do with that and claimed he knew what Chinese people looked like and I was one of them!

Sunday was a nice good day.

Elder Bozer

Week 40 – Baptisms, Trio, Back to the Eastern Cape!

Monday, while I still could, I hiked up Table Mountain. Woke up super early to do it, but the views made it worth it. We then at the end of our day had our usual Du Noon FHE. We played a game, shared a lesson, and had treats, it was pretty enjoyable actually!

Tuesday we get a random call saying we would be going to the New missionary orientation at signal hill because Elder Reynolds never got to. It was pretty cool, I got to relive my days of first coming on the mission. Plus we got free food so that alone made it worth it!

Wednesday the day came and I got surgery on my toes, fun stuff. One of the senior couples picked us up afterward and they took us out to dinner. More free food! So great!

Thursday Elder Kruse (he is part of my transfer) came down to be with us because I cannot drive right now. So I am in a trio with him. He is an awesome guy. But we didn’t get to do much because I had to rest my toes for most of the day!

Friday and Saturday, again, not too much happened because of my feet.

Sunday was a great day. We had the baptism of Jane and Monalisa! I was going to baptize them but because of my toes, I handed it off to Elder Reynolds! Super great! After our baptism, we drove to the mission office to have our final interviews with President Merril before he goes home. He has about a month and a half left! He told me I would for sure be leaving and going somewhere in the Eastern Cape. Goodbye Cape Town! I will miss it!

That was my week!

Elder Bozer

Week 39 – Three More Weeks in Tableview

Transfers are in, looks like I will be leaving Tableview in three weeks!

P-Day on Monday was pretty cool. I got to touch a live Cheetah. I’ll bet not all of you can say that! 😉

Tuesday we met with Caroline and her two sons Dillan (12) and Blessin (5) for the first time, plus Sandra the sister of Caroline! They are awesome. They were introduced to us by Stephan our recent convert! Super sweet!

Wednesday we met with Princess, last time I mentioned her she was a super nice lady, this time around she was pretty grumpy, but luckily as we met with her, she became pretty nice again haha. Saved it.

Thursday we contacted a referral from the ward. Her name was Salamina. She is super nice older lady, seems to be interested She can talk though. A lot. We also met with Caroline and the family again! Powerful lesson with them!

Friday I went to the doctor to get my toes checked out. I guess the doctor thinks I have some pretty bad nails and will remove a bit from each big toe. FUN! That will happen next Wednesday!

Saturday I got the news that I am staying in Tableview for another 3 weeks, and then I am pretty sure I am outta here. I got to enjoy these last three weeks and push it to the limits! I don’t know if I mentioned this guy before but we also saw a man named Tesfu, He is a part of a part member family whom just moved in. He just got married to a member. He is super on board and is progressing to be baptized on the 11th!

Sunday was the day where we had Jane and Monalisa interviewed for baptism. They both passed! Jane’s husband was just baptized earlier this month and now she is joining them! Monalisa is their neighbor and also joining them! They both asked me to baptize em. Pretty cool!

That is just about it! Have a wonderful week!

Elder Bozer

P.S. I almost fell off a cliff! 🙂

Week 38 – Mothers Day

Well This week was great! But I am not going to send a long email this week!

Highlight of the week was Mothers Day Skype and the baptism of Brent! It all happened in one day so Sunday was just a great day!

Another highlight is that our Recent Convert, Stephan has been coming out to teach with us pretty much everyday this week! He is a professional chef and he fed us on Friday evening! It was great!

Have a great week!


Week 37 – A Change of Heart

This week was full of miracles for Tableview. Overall it was a slower week, but lots of things happened at the same time.

Monday evening we got to our usual FHE in the township, and for whatever reason they thought it was canceled, but we were able to meet with our wonderful Branch missionary, Mama Mpofu, (who literally will call people off the streets for us to teach) and her son, Evidence. One of her sons, Vusa is one of the guys who just got baptized.

Well, I taught Evident when I first got here like 4 months ago, and to be quite honest he was not serious at all. He drank all the time, go party at night. All that stuff. Well On Monday he was a changed man, He had quite the experience that almost got him killed, and now he realized that he needs to change. So we have taught him tons this week and he is on date to be baptized!

I got to mow a lawn this week that was sweet.

We met this super cool lady in the Township. He name is Princess. She turns out to be the landlord of the place where she stays and she invite all of her friends to join in! It was super cool.

This last Sunday was fast Sunday, and I decided to fast to find more men to teach. Nothing against women, but they are so easy to find. I look at the list of people we are teaching now and it is mostly women, so we wanted to mix things up! 30 Minutes after I broke my fast, some lady comes up to me and says ” Hey where does the investigator class meet? My husband here is not a member and would like to learn more!” Haha, it was quite crazy, we will meet with this guy on Friday!

Awesome week! Awesome Area!

Elder Bozer

Photo: Four of these fellows received the gift of the Holy Ghost and the Priesthood this Sunday!


Week 36 – Rain After Baptisms

This week has been quite interesting. It seemed a bit slower work wise, but crazy things just kept happening!

This P Day we went to a place called the Spice Route. Some place far out. It was super cool. They had a place where you could taste all these different types of chocolate for about 2 dollars. It was nice and I got a lot of chocolate. They also had some sweet pizza. The views there were incredible. Awesome place.

Tuesday a lot fell through BUT we were able to see our main man Brent. Brent is awesome and he just eats everything up. He is on date for the 14th of May! We also met with Monolisa for the first time ever. We put her on date for the 28th of May! We also invited her to church and she came.

Wednesday we had our final interview for those being baptized this week. That put the total up to 4!

On Friday we had our Zone Conference with President Merrill. He talked a ton on goal setting and how that is an important skill we should take from our mission!

Saturday a lot of  things happened.

– 1st we ran into a kid name Mduduzi. Now he is a crazy kid. We were just driving through Du Noon and he invites himself into our car. He is a member, but who does that? He just spoke some crazy things and then left.

-2nd we searched all over Du Noon trying to find a referral we had received, we finally met her and she was awesome. He name is Princess, and we will meet with her Thursday!

-3rd we had our interviews with President Merrill, cool cool.

-4th As we were leaving an appointment some naked child runs up to me and demands a handshake. Of course I gave him a handshake, but it was weird shaking hands with a random naked child.

Sunday was the day! We had the baptisms of Stephan, David, Brian, and Vusa! It was an awesome day. Not only that, Humphrey who was baptized 3 or so weeks ago, received the priesthood! I got to perform 3 of the 4 baptisms! Even cooler, was just after we finished baptizing, it began to rain, something this area has desperately needed for a long time!

The week was great!

Elder Bozer

Week 35 – Tableview is (still) on Fire!

The week was awesome, We are steadily getting more and more busy. There are days we are so packed with people to see, that we have no time in between! I am loving this area. It has taken a while to get it to this point, but I am seeing my efforts pay off.

P-day we went up to Signal Hill, my companion has never been there. So I got to show him that. Then we ate a nice lunch. Buy one get one deal. A missionaries favorite!

This week we had 4 people we are preparing to go into the waters. We filled out all the paper work and had them all interviewed yesterday! They all passed. Except one, he hasn’t been interviewed just yet, we must wait until Wednesday. I am looking forward to next Sunday!

On Monday we had a guy approach us as we were emailing, he asked us if we were missionaries. We said yes of course! He was taught in Zim, but then left Zim before he could get baptized. He has been away for a bit, but we are glad we found him. We taught him later on that week. Super awesome guy, and there are several other people in the home we may start to teach!  He is on date to be baptized the 28th of May!

Saturday we did a service project! We traveled to a nearby area to give service to a daycare. We cleaned up trash that plagued the entire premises so children can play. We also cleared thorns and stray bricks. That way the children can play without hurting themselves!

That is all for this week! South Africa is the best!

Elder Bozer

Week 34 – From Old to New

So I killed my Companion, Elder Mubaiwa is no longer. He was a great guy, but I had to kill him. Not literally, but Tuesday was his last day, and he went home to Zimbabwe on Wednesday. I will miss serving with him.

I guess it is out with the old, and in with the new. I got my new companion, Elder Reynolds today, he is my first companion that is not African! And the first to be younger than me on mission. It is a bit of a different feeling. But he is an awesome guy, loves working!

This week we have been super focused on having members introduce us to their friends, and we were able to snag 17 refferals. Which is a ton. This coming week we will be meeting a ton of new faces, just what this area needs to continue growing!

Super cool “spiritual thing” this week is that I got the opportunity to participate in the confirmation of Humphrey. He was baptized last week, and he is already a powerful member. He has been a member for about a day now, and he is already going out with us to teach others. Plus he is introducing us to new people! That is what I call a true member missionary.

The craziest experience of the week would have to be a specific lesson we taught. We were teaching a man (David) and his Nephew (Brian). We go in to their flat, and the power had been broken for a couple of days now. When we walked in, it was very dark. Everyone was cooking on little propane stoves, and it reeked of gas. Though this didn’t stop us from teaching. We taught them under the light of a candle, and it was a super cool experience! These two are super humble people, and they have committed to be baptized, hopefully on the 30th.

That is all for this week. Go well!

Elder Bozer

Week 33 – I’m a Father

Well this week was good.

First we had the baptism of Humphrey! Humphrey is a legit guy, he is super funny! I was able to baptize him, he was very difficult to baptize because he is a big guy! I almost was unable to get him under! He also almost hit his head on the side, but luckily he didn’t!

Second, I am getting a new companion on Wednesday all the way from the UK! I will be training him. He in a way will be my son on mission, ha ha. But it will be interesting to train, I still feel like I am brand new myself!

The rest of the week nothing too crazy happened. Elder Mubaiwa is going home Wednesday so we were saying a lot of goodbyes this week.

Hope the week is great in the U.S

Elder Bozer

P.S. The dinner plate is a dish called Loosu. Basically it is cow stomach and cow intestine. It tasted like beef but the texture was not 🙂