Week 80 – Setting Goals

We had a pretty good week. Lately, we have really been pushing to get new investigators because at the moment our pool of investigators is small, but it is picking back up which is really great!

I got to go on an exchange with Elder Smith during the week, it was sad most of our planned appointments dropped, but we still managed to have a great day.

We were thrown off a bit as we were called Wednesday morning being told to suddenly take our car into service, they told us it would not take long, yet it did. So it destroyed our morning but we ended up having a really great day afterward!

It was the start of the month and it was the weekend, so things got a bit crazy. The start of the month is when everyone gets grants for various reasons, so everyone had money this weekend, and there seemed to be some big crazy parties going around. Luckily though this did not stop us from achieving the goals we set for the week!

Elder Bozer



Week 79 – No Hot Water

This week was a bit different from others but it was a great week!

On Tuesday Elder Khoza had to drive down with the senior couple to East London for a shot that he needed. East London is about 2 hours away. I got to spend time with the other elders who serve in the Queenstown area. It was nice being able to see how things are done in another area. What is great about this mission is that every area is so different! It was cool to be able to be in another world for one day.

On Wednesday we got to once again empty the baptismal font as it was the only day we would have time. I think we are getting more efficient in our emptying skills because it did not take as long. It only took 2 hours this time!

Overall this week was slow in terms of lessons that we were able to teach. Many things just were not working out the way we planned but there will always be weeks like that. Luckily though, we were able to make up for it by receiving 16 referrals this week which was powerful. Many of them to Father led families. We had the chance to start teaching one of these referrals, his name is Sinethemba. He has a family but we only found him. We had a wonderful first visit, and he like many others does not go to church because many of the churches here are just businesses! He has lost a lot of trust in established religion, but we are praying that he will be able to see that what we share with him is different and true!

Another interesting experience that I had this week, one of the responsibilities of a District Leader is to interview candidates for baptism for those in my district. I had that opportunity this past Saturday. It was a bit nerve-wracking, it is the first time I have ever done this, but at the same time it was a powerful spiritual experience to see this lady have a true desire to follow Christ and be willing to make changes in her life to get to this point. Very cool experience.

We also were blessed to have the baptism of Zokwanda this past Sunday. It was a great experience as well. It was a very cold day, and there is only very cold water in Illinge, and the font is outside. Zokwanda had an experience to remember! It has been amazing to see the changes in this young man. I am quite happy for him!

Elder Bozer


Week 78 – Teach to Understand

It was a great week here in Illinge!

We had our zone conference this week where we talked about teaching for understanding! We also discussed the power of the Book of Mormon. We were once again awarded the best boarding again! Two consecutive transfers!

We had the opportunity to start working with a young man named Mpumezo this week he is a powerful guy. He has come to church 3 times now. He accepted the invitation to be baptized next month which is powerful.

We will also have a baptism next Sunday, a young man named Zokwanda. We have been teaching him for a while now. He is an awesome guy! Look out for those pictures next week!

So that was our week! It was great!

Elder Bozer


Week 77 – Bring on the Rain!

We had a wonderful week!

We have been really working hard to find elect people in our area. We have a had some pretty good success this week. in doing so. We have started teaching 3 really powerful people. One, in particular, his name in Bongani. Bongani is pretty cool, he is starting up his own NPO (non-profit) and he has been around. He has actually been to the U.S as well. He is very intrigued by the gospel and even told us that he had a friend who left his church for ours, and he knows what happens when people meet with missionaries, so it is good that he is on board.

Wednesday is when it started storming quite a bit in Illinge. Raining always slows things down a bit which is sad, but it is fine because Illinge needs rain!

We have been really focusing on meeting with members lately and helping them with their own missionary work. 95% of members here are converts of the church, so what we have been doing is having the members share their conversion stories and with all their stories there was always that one person who was already in the church that helped them get to know about the gospel. We also shared D&C 100: 4-6 and explained that they have been placed in this area for a reason and they have the power to be the one to help another on their path to the gospel.

In our next visit, we build on the previous meeting and help them set goals and make plans. They write down a specific name of someone they want to share the gospel with and they make goals of how they want to share the gospel, then they set deadlines of when they will do it. So far, it has been working miracles.

We also had the baptism of Olu, which was awesome! It was very very cold that and it was even raining a bit, and the font is outside. So the water was very cold. He will definitely remember his baptism! I love when there are baptisms!

There was a crazy storm on Saturday, it started raining so hard. We stepped out of the car for one brief moment and we were soaked! It even started to hail at one point. All the roads looked like a river! The craziest part of it all is that a lightning bolt struck right in front of us, we saw the explosion and it was extremely loud. Luckily we were in the car.

That was my wonderful week here in Illinge!

Elder Bozer


Week 76 – No Power or Running Water :-(

This week was a bit different than other weeks, it was transfer week!

On Monday we had a last hurrah with those who were leaving us in our zone. It was nice, and then Elder Latu and I went about Illinge saying goodbyes!

In all other zones in the mission, Tuesday is the last day in the area for a departing missionary. But not here, all the departing missionaries leave Tuesday, that way they can drive all the way down to East London to the airport. Because of this I got to spend the day with Elder Adams (he is also from Arizona), he is in my district and his companion was leaving also. We got to spend the day in his area, called Sada. It is a 40-minute drive out from Queenstown, and a very similar area compared to Illinge.

For the most of Wednesday, I was with Elder Adams again, until later in the evening when we both got our new companions. My new companion is named Elder Khoza, he is from a place called Newcastle in South Africa. He is a powerful missionary.

We had a challenge this week. We had no electricity or running water for 3 days. We had a storm on Wednesday morning and a lightning bolt hit an important substation, thus the entire of Queenstown had no electricity. No power caused the water pump for the town to shut down, causing us to have no water. We eventually got it back. Be grateful for power and water.

Something we have been really trying to do in this area this week has been getting to know our members better and spread the missionary spirit. Approximately 98% of the people in this ward are converts. We have been learning about the many ways that these people ended up learning and accepting the gospel. It is so wonderful to hear all of these stories. In all of their stories, they mentioned at least one person who was a member who helped them along the way. We shared with them D&C 100:4-6 and helped them understand that the Lord has “suffered” them to be where they are now and that they have the ability to be a tool in the Lord’s hand to help someone else in their journey to the gospel, just like someone else helped them. We have been having some powerful experiences sharing this!

We will see how this next week goes!

Elder Bozer


Week 75 – Bucket Brigade

We had a pretty good week here in Illinge South Africa!

Some highlights of the week:

We had the wonderful opportunity to give service to one of our members. His name is Brother Eric. He is an older man. He makes bricks. Since he is older he has a hard time moving the bricks from one place to another so we helped him out with that!

We destroyed another tire this week, I am unsure how it keeps happening!

We have received transfer news! It is that time once again. Elder Latu will be leaving and going to Cape Town. I will be receiving a new companion named, Elder Khoza. He is from South Africa. Other than that I do not know too much else about him.

We had a great day at church yesterday, we were fortunate to have the baptism of Alulutho. It is always nice to have a baptism, a great spirit filled day!

Well I am out of time so I am really rushing this.

Elder Bozer


Week 74 – Friends and Free Haircuts

This week we had Zone Conference where we received awesome training from our Mission President, talking a lot about having a vision and setting goals and plans to achieve it and also about preparation.

Another sidenote the First Presidency was reorganized. I was lucky enough to watch it thanks to the wonderful senior couple this side, none of the local units were broadcasting it! But it was a great broadcast, and I look forward to learning from our new prophet!

A side note I cut my own hair this week, mostly because there are not too many places to cut my kinda hair this side! Without it costing a fortune!

Also, I finished my 2nd journal, and I am onto my third!

We are blessed to be preparing for a baptism this upcoming Sunday, watch out for pictures there.

Overall though it was a pretty normal week in Illinge!

Elder Bozer

1: Cleanest flat in the zone award
2-3: My friends from Illinge 🙂


Week 73 – 1 Week, 4 Tires

It feels as though I just emailed, time is flying by!

I will share a few things this week:

An update on our investigator Unathi, he is progressing well, he should be baptized in the coming weeks. He is always excited to see us and learn more about the gospel, and he has been coming to church!

I had the opportunity to go on an exchange in an area called Ezibeleni, and the interesting part is that I got to go with my previous companion Elder Allred. It was a great exchange!

Something interesting I got to eat this week was something called Mphokoqo. I don’t know how to explain it, but it is interesting. The texture was very difficult to swallow.

On Sunday there was a bit of rain, but a ton of lightning and the lighting was striking all over Illinge. Very loud thunder, it even destroyed some trees in the area. Also on Sunday we once again destroyed another one of our tires, I am not sure how, but we did. We just repaired the other 3 tires 2 days before!

That was my great week!

Elder Bozer


Week 72 – Happy New Year

I can not believe that it is already 2018. It is crazy how time flies. It feels like it just became 2017 a couple of months ago!

The beginning of the year is always the most exciting time for a missionary in the Cape Town Mission. It is a time to raise your vision, work harder, and generally more people will listen to you. So all in all the start of the year is the best.

This week in Illinge has been a busy one. We are going out and trying our best to teach as many people as possible. We have been very lucky to keep busy. Our area is blessed with members who are so willing to come work with us. Every day we have a member who comes with us the entire day and helps us in the work. Sometimes we will take 2 and go on splits and accomplish double the work.

I also had the wonderful opportunity of going on an exchange to an area called Sada. The area is very much similar to ours. Same feel. Illinge and Sada are very much connected in their histories. The history behind these two wards is pretty cool. It started with Illinge. A couple of decades ago, a senior couple working in Queenstown would go to Illinge every day and just sit there in their car. They did this for weeks. They didn’t know why they just felt like they should. Every day as they would sit in their car there would be a young boy herding sheep past them. After weeks of seeing these two strange white people sitting in his village, he approaches them and asks why there are there. They explain to them that they are church people, and so this young boy then introduces them to a local pastor for a church in Illinge.

The senior couple had the opportunity of teaching this pastor about the restored gospel and this man eventually got baptized. Along with him, his whole congregation ended up getting baptized as well! Thus started the Illinge Ward. A bit later on a family who had joined the church moved to another village an hour or so away in Sada. They still wanted to live the gospel so they started doing everything themselves. Once a leader of the church from Illinge discovered they were doing this, they made plans to organize a proper branch so they could do things the right way. It is a pretty cool history!

I am very much enjoying my time in Illinge, it is great to be a missionary.

Elder Bozer

Week 71 – Raising Our Vision

Happy New Year!

We had a wonderful week! As the new year approaches it is the best time to work even harder than before.

I am not sure if I have mentioned it, but I am now the District Leader in my district, and this week in District Meeting we were able to talk about Consulting with the Lord when setting goals, and raising our vision. Elder Latu and I have really been trying to apply these principles into our work, I will share a small experience on how we are doing this.

Usually, this area has been getting 10 lessons per week with investigators, we decided to raise our vision and set a goal to get 25! Quite a lofty goal. Well at beginning of Sunday we were sitting at 19 lessons with investigators.We could have been complacent and told our selves that it is far above what this area usually has, but we prayed and asked God to help us in reaching our goal. We then were prompted to take 2 fellow shippers with us and go teach! When we reunited, we learned we hit the 6 lessons we needed to bring the total up to 25 lessons! We are now trying to push this momentum over to this week and year!

Well, we had Christmas this week which was great! We didn’t do too much but we were able to gather as a zone and have a Christmas Braii! We weren’t allowed to work on Christmas, so that was that!

An update on Unathi whom I mentioned last week! He is doing very well, he came to church once again and he says he plans to keep coming! He is loving the gospel!

A cool experience for the week, the Bishop’s son came home from the bush this week, this is a traditional thing that happens here in South Africa for Xhosa people, it is the way that a young man becomes a man, I will leave it at that. I got to see him the day before he got back and we were invited to the ceremony the next day for when he returned, the ceremony was done all in Xhosa, but they fed us a nice lunch so that was great!

Also during the week I was told I needed to go on an emergency exchange, an elder from that area is going home because he broke he leg, so I got to spend a day in another area called Mlungisi

Well, that was my week, time to grind even more in this new year! Can’t wait to see the miracles that come in 2018!

Elder Bozer